First trap door bolt lock approved by the SNCF. Product designed and manufactured in France

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Dény Security

Its industrial skill, its capacity for innovation and its abality for a swift adaptaion to special requests, make DENY SECURITY a favourite partner in the field of rail transport

N°1 of the lock railway

Dény Security : a reliable partner fully concentrated to the single business of access control !

The security you need

From a normal lock to a shielded three point lock for driver’s cabin door sealed against pressure waves, but also any kind of locking system to be used inside trains or for outside doors and trap doors...

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Your applications... our solutions!

Outside globals solutions train sécurity

Choose the solution Deny Fontaine, is first to bring a traveling comfort for all to prevent the safety of all.

Find our products depending on the application which is intended: whether the access door to the cab, the passenger door or the technical cabinets and doors, our product will meet the specific needs of the railway.

- Ouside solutions

- Inside solutions

Accessibility of toilets in trains

Accessibility of toilets in trains

Serrrue PMR ferroviaire

Result of development of a year, working closely with SNCF engineering and society TRIOPLAST the new CD255F lock for toilet modules PMR from Deny Fontaine aims to simplify access restrooms to passengers with reduced mobility.

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